My name is Tyler Robertson, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. As a small child, I was obviously at the age where anything and everything could entertain me so long as there were flashy colors and shiny things involved. But one of my earliest memories was sitting down at my grandparents house and watching “Jurassic Park”, the first movie I ever recall watching and that’s where it all started for me. “Jurassic Park” showed me the fantastical world that could be created by ingenious film-makers and I’ve been a film lover ever since. From experimenting with making my own short films in high school, to seeing movies every week and reviewing them online, my life has revolved around movies.

I’ve been reviewing movies online since January 2011, jumping around various sites, but now it’s time for something that I’ve never done before: Owning a site of my own. This website is all about discussing things not only in the world of film, but in the world of entertainment in general. Movies will be my primary focus, but you can be sure that I’ll always be vocal about any TV show, video game, trailer, or general topic relating to entertainment. The discussion is the most important part of any review, so this site is open to anyone and everyone who wants to passionately talk about what they love.

Thanks for reading.