Avengers: Infinity War – Trailer 2 Review

Well over 24 hours after the debut of this trailer, I’ve finally found the time to give my thoughts on the trailer for the movie that has guaranteed itself a shitilllion dollars at the box-office.

The big villain in this movie is Thanos and like with the previous trailer, his presence is heavily felt throughout this entire trailer. We hear as Gamora talks about his goal to destroy half of the universe and I think it’ll be interesting to see more of the dynamic between Gamora and Thanos, though I simply want to see what Thanos brings to the table for all of the characters. He’s been built up ever since “The Avengers” and to see him NOT do anything monumental for the MCU would be a massive disappointment. That said, Thanos still looks like a formidable opponent and I’m also hoping we get some good insight into why he wants to destroy the universe and keep the balance that he’s talking about.

This trailer also gives us a little tease as to what we can expect in finally seeing certain MCU characters interact with one another, the highlight being Tony Stark and Star-Lord share some of their camaraderie. It’s two of the universe’s biggest hothead’s meeting for the first time and there’s plenty of potential for that, as well as other Avengers. We also see Doctor Strange and Spider-Man briefly interacting in a humorous little scene, though I’m still not a fan of the Iron Spider-suit at all. If anything, it just feels like the universe isn’t confident with Spider-Man as a standalone character and now they’re just trying to bank off of him being Iron Man Jr., but I’ll talk more about that when I review “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

My favorite shot in the entire trailer is the end with Captain America struggling to hold off Thanos while he dons the Infinity Gauntlet. This shot really sums up Captain America perfectly in my opinion, but it also dawned on me the possibility of him or any other major character dying. Realistically, there’s a good chance of one of our favorite characters dying in this movie and I personally think that it needs to happen. If we’re going to establish this movie as the defining entry in the MCU, someone big has to go. It could be Iron Man, Cap, Thor, or anyone. I’m just hoping that the big death scene isn’t just some minor character who’s first appearance in this universe is also in this movie.

All of that said, this was a great trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” and this is a movie that I need to see now. I have confidence in the Russo brothers directing and making this a solid installment that isn’t overly crowded with characters and is also capable of delivering a series of events that change the universe for better or worse. Bring on April 27th.

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