Solo: A Star Wars Story – Trailer Review

Last night during the Super Bowl, a small teaser for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” debuted and even though it was only less than a minute in length, it intrigued me and my anticipation for this movie started to raise just ever so slightly…but then came the official trailer this morning and now I’ve gone back to not looking forward to this movie.

I’ll go on the record of saying that I’ve never thought this was a good idea for a Star Wars movie. Han Solo is the type of character who we know all that we need to know about him from the original trilogy. He’s a rogue smuggler, arrogant at first, but he grows as a character while still keeping that rogue charm about him. His friend is Chewbacca, he’s up to his neck in debt, and he’s the captain of the Millennium Falcon. We don’t need an origin story for any of that. We don’t need to see the genesis for every little aspect of his life, but it unfortunately looks like we’re getting that for some rea$on.

I’m really curious as to how Alden Ehrenreich is going to be in the final product because I’m personally not buying him as Han Solo right now. He doesn’t look the part, nor does he even sound the part. I don’t want him doing a terrible Harrison Ford impression, but I at least want some indication that I’m watching a young Han Solo. I don’t get that from Ehrenreich in this trailer. If anything, I just get the vibe of some young guy who just so happened to wander across Chewbacca and hang out with him for a while.

As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian more than anything. He absolutely looks the part and even though we don’t hear him speak in this trailer, I don’t have any doubt that he’ll be able to pull off that charming, rogue side that worked so well in the original Star Wars trilogy. And I just find it a bit odd that I’d rather have a Lando origin movie as its own thing instead of being a supporting thing in this movie.

And of course, this trailer has to show us the “I’m putting together a crew” cliche at us. Call me crazy, but I feel like it’s a bit counterproductive to tell a story about the ROGUE who joins a crew. Joining some random crew seems like the exact opposite of something a rogue would do, especially considering that in this trailer, Han even claims to have “a mind of my own.” That line heavily implies that he’s a lone wolf type of guy who doesn’t do things by the books….but let’s watch a movie where he conforms and joins a mind hive of people in a crew. Great consistency, movie.

By and large, this trailer just feels very empty for a Star Wars movie. It has trailer cliches, the music doesn’t sound like something from this saga, and it seems more insistent on showing flashy visuals and nostalgia rather than a different narrative for this franchise. This movie just looks like a rehash of “Rogue One” in my opinion, and it marks the first time in my life that I felt absolutely nothing while watching a Star Wars trailer.

This trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” wasn’t very good and it’s done nothing for me in terms of getting me excited to see it. After being disappointed by “The Last Jedi”, I’ve come to realize just how much I dislike the direction Star Wars is heading right now. Disney just seems to be taking it in the direction of making these new movies more like Marvel films, but also relying on hack writers like Rian Johnson who’ll just mindlessly do their bidding instead of crafting a narrative that makes Star Wars as great as it once was. This trailer gives off that vibe massively, but I’m still going into this movie with the hopes that I’m proven wrong.


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