Pitch Perfect 3 – Movie Review

“Pitch Perfect 3” is the third and supposedly final installment in this now trilogy and this time the acapella group called “The Bellas” have gone their separate ways after the events of the second movie. But inevitably, they decide to reunite for one final performance at an overseas USO tour while also competing against another group so that they can be the opening act at said tour.

I honestly enjoyed the first movie in this trilogy. The music scenes were entertaining, it was funny, and it had its own little charm about it that didn’t take itself too seriously. “Pitch Perfect 2”, on the other hand, was no good at all, trading in the simple story of an acapella group and turning it into some mix of grand championships and boot camp. So let’s go ahead and chalk that up as an unnecessary sequel, but now we have another needless sequel in “Pitch Perfect 3”, so let’s dredge through this thing.

The one thing I noticed right away with this movie is how bored Anna Kendrick looked throughout the entire film. She’s normally a very likable actress in most of her roles, but here she looks like she just doesn’t care. I can’t blame her seeing as how she probably thought this role would end after the first movie, but now we’re a trilogy deep and she’s basically just giving a paycheck performance at this point. The rest of the cast is functional, but Kendrick just doesn’t care anymore. She reminded me of Jennifer Lawrence in “X-Men: Apocalypse” and if you’ve seen that performance, then you’ve pretty much seen what Anna Kendrick has to offer in this movie.

I also can’t stand how far the character of Fat Amy has come. She was enjoyable in the first movie, but now these sequels just relegate her to the role of a walking, talking fat joke. Virtually every line she has in this movie is just some lazy crack at her weight and it gets old after the first five minutes. It’s the same problem that I have with a comedian like Gabriel Iglesias; you watch him perform and his only material is “I’m fat.” Same thing here with Fat Amy’s character. You’re constantly beat over the head with these “I’m fat” jokes and it’s extremely lazy and annoying.

This movie’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t know what it wants to be. At first it looks like it just wants to be a simple story of the Bellas competing against another musical group, but then that plot is abandoned completely. Everything we see of Ruby Rose and her group (they’re called “Evermoist and I guess someone thought it was a good idea for a band name) is just dropped about halfway through this movie. Why is it dropped? So that we can watch this movie turn into an action flick filled with fights, kidnappings, and explosions, all spearheaded by John Lithgow with a bad Australian accent. Oh, and he’s apparently Fat Amy’s dad in this movie as well, just in cast it didn’t already veer off course from what the first movie was. At this point, it feels more like a parody of a “Pitch Perfect” sequel than it does a legitimate theatrical release.

Ultimately, there’s very small nuggets of enjoyment in this movie. The commentator characters played by Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins have some funny moments here and there. Also, the cast does a commendable job of singing and performing what sounds like authentic acapella. That’s honestly the bare minimum of what I can actually say worked as a positive in this movie.

In the end, “Pitch Perfect 3” falls into the same trap that most movies do: Being an unnecessary sequel. The story is all over the place, most of the jokes don’t stick their landing, and it doesn’t do anything to make me think to myself “Wow, what another gripping installment in the story of the Bellas”. The first movie was enjoyable for what it was and it should’ve ended after that, but no. Now we have the Bellas escaping an exploding yacht while Rebel Wilson uses sausages as nun-chucks.

Rating: Some Ol’ Bullshit


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