Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Trailer Review


Every now and then, you’ll watch a bad movie that only gets worse the more you think about it. Well, the same can apply for trailers as well.

Last night during Thursday Night Football, the first ever trailer for “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” made its debut and almost everyone online seems to be reacting with a very justified meh. I myself thought the trailer wasn’t very good at first. However, as I just alluded to above, this is one of those trailers that only gets worse with repeat viewings, so let’s talk about why.

The big problem with this trailer is that it’s very oddly paced. We start out with the romantic subplot between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard and it looks every bit as shitty as it was in “Jurassic World”.  But then right after that, we’re given the basic premise of the movie, it being that the island that houses the Jurassic World ( Isla Nublar) is at risk of being destroyed by a volcano and now there’s an attempt to rescue the remaining dinosaurs that inhabit the island. But the overall presentation in this trailer is what’s the most jarring. We’re given random clips of Chris Pratt doing stuff with Blue, his trained velociraptor, Ian Malcom making a return in what is probably his only scene in the entire film, and then the last half of the trailer is basically a condensed scene from the movie itself. The way the clips are presented just feels…off.

There comes a part in the second half when a carnotaurus appears and looks to be a threat to Chris Pratt and company. For those of you who don’t know, the carnotaurus is a dinosaur that Jurassic Park fans have been dying to see put in these films and now it finally does…until it gets killed by the T-Rex after just five seconds of screen time. Not only does that just seem like a giant middle finger to JP fans, but it’s also something that shouldn’t have even been put in the trailer. Now we know that Chris Pratt is going to survive that encounter with the carnosaurus, and a potentially “Holy shit” moment is completely spoiled in the trailer.

I especially hate the part near the end of the trailer when it shows the volcano erupting and Chris Pratt actually manages to almost outrun a pyroclastic flow. Never mind the stupid ball vehicles that are brought back from “Jurassic World”, now we have Chris Pratt defying basic science. A pyroclastic flow is composed of EXTREMELY hot gas and other volcanic matter and it moves at over 400 MPH while burning at roughly 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. And this trailer shows Pratt being swallowed by that flow. So either this trailer just showed us Pratt’s death in the movie, or we’re suppose to buy that he’s capable of surviving something that’s just plain un-survivable. Either option is dumb as hell, though it at least looks to be in line with how the rest of the movie looks.

“Jurassic Park” is one of my all time favorite movies, but the sequels have all been mediocre in my opinion. “Jurassic World” is the worst installment in the series so far, and I see no reason to think that “Fallen Kingdom” will somehow redeem the franchise and bring us back to the magic of the first film. The only silver lining is that J. A. Bayona, director of “A Monster Calls” is directing. He’s a good director for sure, but every director has at least one misstep and I feel that this movie might just be Bayona’s.

Watch the trailer here


One thought on “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Trailer Review

  1. Definitely time to let the franchise rest given none of the sequels have ever managed to recapture what was so fun about the first film and each one just gets worse as they try to one up themselves. Jurassic World openly admitted people were bored of dinosaurs which was why they were engineering new ones in the first place. If you know your audience is bored, stop making films.
    And yeah, this trailer is not a good sign of what is in store for viewers of the next film.


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