My Movie Rating System


This post is going to exist for one reason and it’s this: To give some clarity on the way I’m going to rate movies for whenever I do a review. This may seem like a simple thing to write, but the use of a rating in the first place was something I was going back and forth on for quite some time and here’s why.

Whenever it comes to a reviewer of sorts finalizing their thoughts on a movie with a rating, people reading the review tend to focus only on the rating and not the review itself. No matter how much praise something is given, people have this weird tendency to freak out if the movie or video game or product doesn’t get the perfect rating whether it be an A+, 5/5, or a 10/10. That’s why I wanted to write reviews that are just written without any type of rating attached to it, but I ultimately decided to use a rating because I personally find that it can be a useful and even fun way to provide a very basic summation of how one feels about something. In my years of doing online reviews for movies on various sites, my reviews never felt complete without some type of final rating that serves as a finishing touch for my thoughts on a film, so I’ll be using a rating system that I feel comfortable using. All of that being said, here’s the rating system I’m going to use to rate movies I review.

Better Than Sex!! = 5/5

Full Price! = 4/5

Matinee = 3/5

Rental = 2/5

Some Ol’ Bullshit = 1/5

Fuck You! = 0/5

So there’s the rating system I’ll be using. Phrase ratings that serve in place of a numerical rating. And for those of you who may or may not know this already, but this rating system is not my own original creation. It was first created by the crew formerly of, now Double In no way am I taking credit for creating this system, it’s something I give full credit towards Korey Coleman of Double Toasted. In my short time posting user reviews on that site, their rating system was something I grew incredibly accustomed to using, so now I wish to carry it over into this site. I like the simplicity and even accuracy of these ratings, so that’s what I’ll be sticking to. Just take note in knowing that I’ll be doing written reviews and wording my thoughts on the film as best as I possibly can, but just with the added bonus of a final rating as well.







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